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Following are the minutes of the special Faculty Council meeting of May 6, 2013.

SAG signature
Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
General Faculty and Faculty Council


The first special meeting of the Faculty Council for the academic year 2013-14 was held in Main 212 on Monday, May 6, 2013, at 2:15 PM.


Present: Gayle J. Acton, Byron P. Almen, Urton L. Anderson, Jacqueline L. Angel, William Beckner, Catherine Boone, Andrew McKinley Clark, John R. Clarke, Dana L. Cloud, Brent Cockerham, Janet M. Davis, Michael P. Domjan, Matthew S. Eastin, Brian L. Evans, Sandra Fernandez, William L. Fisher, Oliver Freiberger, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Beverly L. Hadaway, Patricia I. Hansen, Hillary Hart, Martha F. Hilley, Hans Hofmann, Christine L. Julien, Can Kilic, Susan R. Klein, Donna Marie Kornhaber, Nancy P. Kwallek, Alberto A. Martinez, Blinda E. McClelland, Columbia Mishra, Douglas J Morrice, Dean P. Neikirk, Gordon S. Novak, Jon E. Olson, Anthony J. Petrosino, Llewellyn K. Rabenberg, Kornel G. Rady, Wayne A. Rebhorn, Linda E. Reichl, Jack L. Ritchie, Patricia Roberts-Miller, Ehud I. Ronn, Cesar A Salgado, Sonia T. Seeman, Keifer Shenk, Marvin D. Shepherd, Snehal A. Shingavi, Clayton T. Shorkey, David S. Stein, Daniel D. Sutherland, Leslie J. Vaaler, Horacio R. Villarreal, Maria D. Wade, Jo Lynn Westbrook, L. Michael White, Michael J. "Ugeo" Williams, Charters S. Wynn, Leo E. Zonn.

Absent: Samer M. Ali (excused), Hans C. Boas (excused), Simone A. Browne (excused), Noel B. Busch-Armendariz (excused), Rebecca M. Callahan (excused), Lesley A. Dean-Jones, Tarek El-Ariss (excused), Mark A. Gooden (excused), Vernita Gordon (excused), Jody Jensen (excused), Angela N. Paik (excused), Keryn E. Pasch (excused), Domino R. Perez, Ellen M. Rathje (excused), Andrew M. Riggsby (excused), Cinthia S. Salinas (excused), Paul R. Shapiro (excused), Sharon L. Strover (excused).

Voting Members: 59 present, 18 absent,


Chair Hillary Hart (civil, architectural, and environmental engineering) called the special meeting of the 2013-14 Faculty Council to order and ex plained that the purpose of the meeting was to choose a chair elect for the 2013-14 Faculty Council as well as three Faculty Council Executive Committee (FCEC) members. She explained that the 2012-13 FCEC members had served as the nominating committee.
  1. Election of the Chair Elect.

    After announcing the nominees for chair elect as Professors William Beckner (mathematics) and Jody Jensen (kinesiology and health education), Professor Beckner addressed the audience expressing his interest in serving as chair elect and provided some background on his experiences. Chair Hart read a statement from Professor Jody Jensen, who was unable to attend the meeting due to a prior commitment, regarding her experiences and interests in the position. Chair Hart then asked if there were nominations from the floor, and there were none.

  2. Election of Three Members to the Executive Committee.

    Chair Hart announced that the slate of nominees for the three positions on the 2012-13 FCEC were Professors Noel Busch-Armendariz (social work), Michael P. Domjan (psychology), Brian Evans (electrical and computer engineering), Elizabeth Gershoff (human development and family sciences), Susan R. Klein (law), and Anthony Petrosino (curriculum and instruction). Professor Busch-Armendariz was not able to attend, and Chair Hart read a statement from her, which was followed by the other candidates, who individually addressed the Council. When the chair asked if there were any nominations from the floor, Professor Ehud Ronn (finance) nominated himself as a write-in candidate and addressed the Council members with a statement. Chair Hart asked members of the 2013-14 Faculty Council to add the name of Professor Ronn to their ballots and then to mark their votes for one chair elect and three FCEC representatives. The ballots were collected and counted by staff from the Office of the General Faculty and Faculty Council.

    The official results of the election were announced during the follow-on meeting of the 2012-13 Faculty Council. Professor Beckner was elected to serve as the 2013-14 chair elect; Professors Evans, Gershoff, and Klein were elected to serve as members of the 2013-14 FCEC.
  1. General Faculty Standing Committee assignments for next year have been completed, and notification of individual committee assignments will be sent out soon.

  2. The 2013-14 Faculty Council meeting dates are posted on the Faculty Council’s website.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 PM.

Distributed through the Faculty Council website on August 9, 2013.