April 18, 2013

Good morning,

By now you have probably heard rumors of a delay of the implementation of UTS 180, Conflict of Interest, Commitment and Outside Activity. A copy of the Chancellor's memo is posted on the Faculty Council website under Spotlights and Events <http://www.utexas.edu/faculty/council/>. I want to thank all who participated in the April 15 Faculty Council discussion with Vice Chancellors Dan Sharphorn and Stephanie Huie. I sincerely believe this shows that our voices can be heard. I was very proud of those of you who spoke so eloquently and passionately while at the same time sending a clear and strong message about your concerns.

The Faculty Council Executive Committee will be meeting this Friday afternoon and, as I promised at the Council meeting, UTS 180 is the first item on our agenda. Please continue to encourage your colleagues to send concerns and recommendations to both Dan Sharphorn and Stephanie Huie. Please have discussions with your administrators on the academic unit level and encourage them to convey your thoughts to the upper administration within your respective colleges. We must show the UT System that we have given this careful thought and have solutions that we feel will work for us and for our colleagues throughout the UT System.

UTS 180 is not going away. That aside, I think we have an opportunity to have some influence on the "changes" Chancellor Cigarroa mentions in his memo.

Have a great day!


Martha Hilley
Professor, Group Piano and Pedagogy
Butler School of Music
University Academy of Distinguished Teachers