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Chair's Report - December 10, 2012

I won't even apologize this time. Time is the issue and I must find more of it.

There were no corrections or questions about either the report of the secretary      (D 10152-10156) or the minutes from our November meeting (D 10157-10163). I encourage you to go to each of these links particularly if you were unable to attend the third Council meeting.

Communications with/Questions to the President - there were no formal questions for President Powers. He did mention two items:

  1. President Powers asked if there were questions from the floor. There were none.

  2. He spoke for a moment about the annual tenure and promotion process. I want to include a quote, "The work and talent and the accomplishments of the people on this faculty... what the lecturers are doing, what the senior lecturers are doing, what young assistant professors are doing, and certainly what our middle of the faculty are doing who are up for full professor... you would be impressed as to what the faculty on this campus is doing. So, I just want to say, in addition to Happy Holidays, thank you for all the hard work."

Report of the Chair of the Council - It was my pleasure to announce the recipient of the Civitatis Award - Sue Greninger. I am sure most of you know that Sue will be retiring at the end of this academic year. We on the Council will miss her terrific minutes, her detailed secretary's reports and the dedication she has brought to this office.

I spoke for a moment about Conflict of Interest and the importance of knowing the effects of this policy on you as an individual. Next came kudos to The Daily Texan for their coverage of legislative bills related to higher education.

Report of the Chair-Elect - Hillary Hart reminded all about the joint meeting of the UT Austin Faculty Council and the Faculty Senate from Texas A&M - Monday, February 25 at the University of Texas Club (East Stadium). The meeting should run from about 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The presidents and provosts of both campuses will be in attendance and hopefully Dan Branch and Kel Seliger, respective chairs of the Higher Education Committees for both the House and the Senate.

New Business - Leslie Vaaler, chair, Faculty Welfare Committee, brought a proposal from the committee to alter the charge. In so doing it will now specifically include non-tenure track faculty in the written charge. The motion passed unanimously.

Diane Bailey, chair, University Academic Calendar Committee, attended the meeting to discuss the fall break proposal brought to the Council from her committee. This was a lengthy discussion and for that reason I will direct you to the minutes form the December 10 meeting where you can read Professor Greninger's summary of the discussion:

Fall Break Proposal from the University Academic Calendar Committee (D 10139-10147).

Announcements were made as shown on the agenda posted on the Faculty Council site. One final question came about the procedure to follow for those who wish to submit an alternate proposal regarding fall break. Sue Greninger suggested that anyone wishing to do so should send the alternate proposal to Diane Bailey and copy the Office of the General Faculty so they could send it out. Dr. Bailey said she would be happy to see the alternate proposals and to come back to the Council meeting on the 28th of January.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:32 p.m.

Martha Hilley, Chair
2012-2013 Faculty Council