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Faculty Committee on Committees


  1. Considered and approved Proposal D 8664 (Proposed Changes from the Committee on Committees to Increase the General Faculty Standing Committee Terms of Service to Three Years). Helped in the revision of the composition of each of the standing committees to reflect three-year terms of service rather than two-year terms for faculty members. In doing so, we also took the opportunity to clean up the language making each committee composition more consistent and clear.

  2. Approved changes in composition to the C-13 (Information Technology) committee. The number of representatives on this committee was increased to 15 for improved, University-wide representation. Their terms of service were staggered for continued representation on the committee as other members rotated off.

  3. Over two meetings in April 2013, the committee reviewed the many nominations by faculty for committee membership. With attention to representation from all colleges and schools and issues of gender and racial diversity, the committee identified faculty members to recommend to the president to be new committee members on the twenty-one standing committees.

  4. Seema Agarwala was selected as chair elect for 2013-14.

The committee wishes to thank Ms. Debbie Roberts and Ms. Anita Ahmadi for their help in organizing meetings, and for providing information on University regulations, by-laws etc. We could not have functioned without them.


Seema Agarwala, chair