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Faculty Grievance Committee


The Faculty Grievance Committee had an active year.

One grievance involved a case in which tenure had been denied. The allegation of the grievant was that some bias had been introduced in the case because of a prior family leave, resulting in a longer than usual (calendar) time for the department to consider the person for tenure. The contention of the grievant was that external reviewers should have been explicitly told that the tenure “clock” was normal. The case had been appealed to the president; the president had denied tenure, but accepted the petition of the grievant that it should be considered by a grievance panel. Such a panel was constituted and a hearing was held; the panel ruled against the grievant and so the tenure case could not be re-opened.

A second grievance was filed with the committee by a faculty member alleging misconduct and prejudicial treatment of the grievant’s department chair. In accordance with the grievance procedures, a three member subcommittee of the Faculty Grievance Committee considered all of the material presented by the faculty member. The subcommittee’s decision was that there was insufficient evidence for a grievance, and the request for a hearing panel of peers was denied.

A third grievance was filed, but subsequently withdrawn prior to any action by the Faculty Grievance Committee. A few other inquiries about possible grievances were also made to the committee chair, but did not result in any formal grievance being filed at the time of this writing.

The committee chair, Desmond Lawler, was on leave in the spring semester and so much of the actions of the committee were handled by the vice chair, Sharon Strover.

Desmond Lawler, chair