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General Faculty Rules and Governance Committee



The Faculty Rules and Governance Committee (FR&G) conducted most of its business via e-mail during 2012-13 and also met on Dec. 10, 2012. Legislation relating to voting rights (D 8512-8513 and D 8563) was passed by the Faculty Council in previous academic years, but still remains pending in the Office of the President. Given the likelihood that voting rights legislation will require further revision and reconsideration by the Faculty Council, a summary of issues was presented to the Faculty Council at the regular meeting of January 28, 2013 ( No change in the core principles that served as the basis of the original voting rights proposal was suggested.

At the Dec. 10, 2012, meeting the Faculty Rules and Governance Committee also discussed issues related to the privileges of emeritus faculty, as outlined in HOP 3.01/ now 2-2430 “Emeritus Titles; Perquisites and Privileges of Emeritus Faculty, Emeritus Administrative Officials and Other Retired Faculty.” In particular, it was the opinion of the Faculty Rules and Governance Committee that the HOP statement that holders of emeritus titles continue to hold membership “without vote” in the General Faculty and in the college and department faculties does not automatically preclude emeritus faculty from serving on PhD committees. A subsequent meeting with Graduate School administration to further discuss these issues took place on March 6, 2013.

In spring 2013, the committee elected Martha Hilley as chair elect and to serve as chair during academic year 2013-14.


Dean Neikirk, chair