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University of Texas Press Advisory Committee


The University of Texas Press remains an integral part of The University of Texas at Austin’s mission to advance and disseminate knowledge through its publications. The committee met regularly during the two long semesters in 2012-13 (the committee will probably meet two times during the summer of 2013). The basic format for meetings is the presence of the key staff members of the UT Press along with the committee. Editors present projects for consideration based on reader’s reports that have been circulated in advance to the committee along with the table of contents and a description of the manuscript. Committee members ask questions of the editor, and there is a general discussion as appropriate for the project. The committee then votes. Although it is rare for a proposal to be rejected at this point in the process as those proposals recommended to the committee have undergone extensive review by in-house editors and outside reviewers, committee members can and do make recommendations for additional revisions and/or stipulated conditions for approval. As a general rule, the members of the committee are conscientious and carefully review the materials prior to meetings. There is a good working relationship with the UT Press staff. The committee has no legislation to propose to the Faculty Council.

During the academic year of 2012-13, the UT Press published over 100 book titles as well as 11 journals. The press received over 30 awards during this time period. Accolades accorded the UT Press this academic year include, but are not limited to:

  • 2013 NACCS Book Award, sponsored by the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies.
    • Martha Menchaca. Naturalizing Mexican Immigrants: A Texas History.
  • Choice Magazine’s Outstanding Academic Title List:
    • Camp, Roderic A. Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-2009.
    • Cohen, Jeffrey H. Cultures of Migration: The Global Nature of Contemporary Mobility.
    • Giucci, Guillermo. The Cultural Life of the Automobile: Roads to Modernity.
    • Kanellos, Nicolás. Hispanic Immigrant Literature : El Sueño del Retorno.
    • Tate, Carolyn E. Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture : The Unborn, Women, and Creation.
    • Mehta, Monica. Bombay Cinema.
    • Talmon, Miriam. Israeli Cinema.
    • Jenkins, Tricia. CIA in Hollywood.
  • 2013 Peter C. Rollins Book Award in Film/Television Studies, sponsored by the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association.
    • Alisa Perren. Indie Inc.
  • Texas State Historical Association:
    • 2012 Liz Carpenter Award for Research in the History of Women, and the
    • 2012 Coral Horton Tullis Memorial Prize.
    • Jan Reid (shared). Let the People In.



Blinda McClelland, chair