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Recreational Sports Committee


September 5, 2012.

Introductions were made and the election for vice chair took place. Thomas Hunt nominated Glenn Peers, who was unanimously elected.

Committee Overview
Tom Dison, ex officio, provided an overview of the Division of Recreational Sports (RecSports) and the role of the Recreational Sports Committee along with a sampling of divisional highlights from 2011-12. The committee watched a PowerPoint presentation, which provided a synopsis of the programs, services, and facilities that Recreational Sports offers, as well as a list of its divisional objectives for 2012-13. Packets of divisional publications and related materials were distributed, including a list of divisional highlights for 2011-12.

October 17, 2012—Recreational Sports’ Financial Overview, Budget Review
The committee was given an overview of the concepts and philosophy upon which the Division of Recreational Sports approaches the use and expenditure of funds, along with an overview of how the budget process works relative to the Student Services Budget Committee (SSBC). RecSports has been experiencing budget reductions since 2003-4. Most recently, RecSports was required to find $304,000 in reductions in 2010-11, $248,000 in 2011-12, and $40,000 in 2012-13 and expects to be required to find an additional $120,000 in the next 3 fiscal years (2013-14 through 2015-16). Tom Dison explained that the division would be requesting an increase in support of a request from Student Government to increase facility operations by one hour at Gregory Gym, the Recreational Sports Center, and Caven Lacrosse and Sports Center at Clark Field.

November 30, 2012—Membership and Facility Usage Fees
The committee reviewed and supported the RecSports 2013-14 membership and facility use fee schedules and did not request an increase in membership fees for 2013-14. A flat 2.2 percent increase in the facility use fee was also proposed. The increase is intended to compensate for escalating maintenance and utility costs and is based on the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the past three years.

Assessment Initiatives
Dison reviewed the recent biennial survey of students. For over thirty years, the Division of Recreational Sports has consistently conducted research and collected data in an effort to identify trends, allocate resources, and determine future directions. The data RecSports collects includes usage and participation, satisfaction levels, benefits and outcomes, and demographics. The division typically schedules four to six assessment projects annually. In addition to campus-wide surveys, RecSports also collects feedback from individual participants in each major program area as well as from its large student workforce.

February 8, 2013—Election of 2013-14 Chair Elect
The Faculty Council requested that the committee elect a chair for the following fiscal year at this meeting. Committee chairs must be faculty members. Thomas Hunt nominated the current vice-chair, Glenn Peers. The motion was seconded. No other nominations were made. A vote was called and Peers was unanimously elected.

Whitaker Fields Update
Whitaker Fields, the mixed-use, outdoor recreational facility at 51st Street and Guadalupe, was last renovated in 1980-81, and in need of major infrastructural improvements. RecSports commissioned a feasibility study in 2007-8, and the project was added to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) in 2009. RecSports commissioned two additional engineering studies in 2010 to ascertain the scope and cost of the project.

The proposed renovation project will have two facets. The first addressing maintenance and infrastructural needs including repairs to existing buildings and systems, new grading, drainage, irrigation, lighting and sod. The second facet of the project, if approved and funded, will address site enhancements such as synthetic fields, new maintenance support buildings, a shade pavilion, decorative fencing, signage, security, landscaping, and various other amenities that would greatly improve the usability of the complex.

The division is proposing a split-funding model, in which RecSports pays for infrastructural needs, and donor funding covers enhancements. The division is in the process of acquiring all the necessary approvals before communicating the plan.

May 1, 2013—Updates and Wrap-up

Miscellaneous Updates
Tom Dison provided various miscellaneous updates, including a list of recent and upcoming events, organizational changes, and projects in which RecSports is involved.

Gregory Indoor Track Accessibility
Relaying a blind student’s concern, Jack Lee noted that the handrail on the Gregory Gym indoor track discontinues at the east end due to the placement of support columns, making it difficult for the student to navigate that section of the track. Dison explained that Gregory Gym was designed to be code compliant and this was the first complaint received regarding track accessibility. Now that the division is aware of the issue, it will work toward finding an effective resolution.

Committee Activities/Meeting Topics for 2013-14

  • Introductions and committee overview
  • Election of vice chair
  • Review of divisional accomplishments from 2012-13 and goals for upcoming year
  • Division of Recreational Sports' budget updates for 2014-15
  • Membership and facility usage fees for 2014-15
  • Updates and announcements
  • Special topics as needed


Thomas Hunt, chair