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Admissions and Registration Committee


The Committee met in both the Fall and Spring semesters as well as corresponded via email throughout the year.

At the first meeting of the year, Kedra Ishop, Director of Admissions, presented the committee with an overview of the current admission criteria and processes, as well as a discussion of potential changes that could occur due to mandates by the State Legislature or a decision by the Supreme Court.

In October the Committee approved the following motion to change its composition:

Motion: Beginning Fall 2013, the student representation on the Admissions and Registration committee would be the following: two representatives from the Senate of College Councils, two representatives from Student Government, and one representative from the Graduate Student Assembly.

Approval of this motion changed the composition of the committee from the existing arrangement of four students (3 student government representatives and 1 graduate student assembly representative) to five students, with 2 of them coming from the Senate of College Councils, an academically-oriented organization that previously was not formally represented on the Committee. Therefore the motion provided for all three Legislative Student Organizations (LSOs) to have a voice. After approval of the motion by our Committee, it was forwarded to the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Council and subsequently approved, and then approved by the Council itself. The motion was then approved by President Powers and Executive Vice Chancellor Reyes.

The Committee met in May to hear a presentation made by Augustine Garza, Deputy Director of Admissions. He provided the Committee with an update to admissions for Fall 2013 and also discussed new programs from Vice Provost Laude’s office. During this meeting, committee members indicated some interest in continuing to discuss expanding the ways in which UT recruits students from disadvantaged or under-served backgrounds. This is perhaps an issue the committee will address in Fall of 2013.


Catherine Riegle-Crumb, chair