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Recruitment and Retention Committee


This was a rebuilding year for this standing committee. This committee had been inactive throughout the 2011-12 academic year, with no report filed, no continuing faculty involvement, and no specific old business. The committee was convened by Llewellyn Rabenberg three times early in the fall semester and two times in the spring semester.

The most successful of these meetings were informal dialogs with members of the University community who deal with issues of recruitment and retention of at-risk and minority students in their professional positions: Dr. David Laude (senior vice provost for enrollment and graduation management), Ms. Phaedra White (senior program coordinator, University Honors Center), Dr. Gregory Vincent (vice president for diversity and community engagement), and Professor Larry Abraham (interim dean, School of Undergraduate Studies). In these meetings, our diverse committee intuitively acted as a “sounding board” for the professionals. In my opinion, these meetings should be continued as a way for the professionals to receive feedback about their work as it pertains to recruitment and retention from a broad spectrum of the University community. In this small way, the committee may have some influence on the overall infrastructure that the University has devoted to the task of creating an educational community that serves all of Texas.

It is anticipated that the Recruitment and Retention Committee will select one or two initiatives to pursue in the 2013-14 academic year.


Llewellyn K. Rabenberg, chair