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Faculty Building Advisory Committee


Many ongoing construction projects on campus were completed during the 2012-13 academic year, and several new projects are still in the planning stages. Therefore, the Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) was less active than normal in 2012-13.

FBAC provided feedback on the 2012 Campus Master Plan, which was developed by Sasaki Associates ( The committee agreed that long-term planning is needed to guide the growth of the University and is pleased with the ideas described in the first phase of the master plan. The master plan also identified seven areas that should be included in future studies: (1) academic plan, (2) landscape plan, (3) East Campus plan, (4) student and residential life plan, (5) medical district plan, (6) athletics plan, and (7) city and state cooperation.

FBAC strongly supported the development of a landscape master plan and felt that implementation of such a plan would greatly enhance the overall pedestrian experience on campus. FBAC was eager to serve as the champion for such an effort. FBAC also strongly supported increased collaboration with the City of Austin.

FBAC continues to promote three priorities:

  • FBAC remains focused on ensuring that new buildings are sustainable and efficient. Rather than simply seeking a target Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating for new construction; the committee’s aim is to reduce the life-cycle costs.
  • FBAC continues focus on increasing the inventory of general purpose classrooms across campus.
  • FBAC also addresses accessibility issues on campus with a goal of ensuring that all new construction meets the needs of persons with disabilities.


These issues will remain priorities for 2013-14.


Sharon Wood, chair