****Nomination Reports for General Faculty Standing Committees****


A-3 Faculty Committee on Committees

Chair: Seema Agarwala
Vice Chair: Megan Seaholm
Chair Elect: Seema Agarwala
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****Nomination Reports for General Faculty Standing Committees****

Committee's annual reports from previous years:


FUNCTION: To advise the president on personnel for standing committees of the General Faculty and the uses to be made of the committee system; to make recommendations to the Faculty Council regarding changes in composition, functions, and responsibilities of standing committees, including term limits and voting rights of committee members.

COMPOSITION: Nine voting members of the General Faculty for three-year staggered terms. Two of them shall be appointed annually from a panel of four faculty members elected at large from and by the voting members of the General Faculty through the Hare-Clark preferential voting system and one appointed annually by the President through the regular procedures of the Committee on Committees. In addition, every year the Chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms. Each year, the Committee shall elect its own Chair and Vice Chair who shall be voting faculty members of the committee. The Secretary of the General Faculty (ex officio) and the chair elect of the Faculty Council (non-voting ex officio) shall also be members of the committee. No member, except the Secretary of the General Faculty, may serve continuously for more than six years.

Members, 2012-13:
Agarwala, Seema1 2012-2014 associate professor, neurobiology
Beckner, William 2012-2014 professor, mathematics
Davis, Barbara L.2 2012-2015 professor, communication sciences and disorders
Golden, Linda. L. 2011-2013 professor, marketing administration
Greninger, Sue A. ex officio secretary, General Faculty, associate professor, human development and family sciences
  Hart, Hillary ex officio
without vote
distinguished sr. lecturer, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
March, Hunter 2012-2014 professor, music
Marshall, Jill 2012-2015 associate professor, curriculum and instruction
Padilla, Yolanda C. 2011-2013 professor, social work
Seaholm, Megan 2011-2013 sr. lecturer, history
Thompson, Shirley E. 2011-2013 associate professor, American studies
Appointed from a panel of names submitted by the Committee on Committees.
Appointed from a panel of names elected by the General Faculty.

Faculty Council Appointees:
  McGlone, Matthew 2012-2013 associate professor, communication studies
  Riggsby, Andrew 2012-2013 professor, classics

1Elected committee chair for 2012-2013.
2On February 7, 2013, replaced Roberta J. Ruiz who resigned from the University effective May 2012.