C-5 Faculty Building Advisory Committee

Chair: Sharon L. Wood
Vice Chair: Brian E. Roberts
Chair Elect: Brian E. Roberts
Minutes (PDF): N/A

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Committee's annual reports from previous years:


FUNCTION: To represent the faculty, staff, and students in the planning and programming of buildings. The committee shall have a strong voice in (a) campus master planning, (b) priority of building construction, (c) building location, (d) programming of buildings, and (e) reviewing and recommending of final plans. It shall report to the president and periodically to the Faculty Council. During the preparation of the preliminary plans for the erection of a particular building, the president shall appoint a special committee, composed of faculty (and students, when appropriate) who have a direct interest in the proposed building, to serve until the completion thereof, one of whom shall be designated as a voting member of the Faculty Building Advisory Committee for the specified building. Whenever a building is to include library facilities, the University librarian is to be added as an administrative advisor to the special committee.

COMPOSITION: Nine voting members of the General Faculty, including a representative from the School of Architecture, and one member of the University staff, all appointed by the President for five-year terms. Two undergraduate students appointed by the President from a panel of names submitted by Student Government, and one graduate student from a panel submitted by the Graduate Student Assembly. Students shall serve one-year terms and shall be eligible for reappointment. The students may not be from the same college or school. In addition, every year the Chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms. Each year, the committee shall elect its own Chair and Vice Chair who shall be voting faculty members of the committee. The Vice President for University Operations or a delegate shall be an ex officio member. The UT System Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning and Construction and a representative from the Office of Campus Planning and Facilities Management shall serve as administrative advisors without vote.

Members, 2012-13:
  Gilbert, Robert B. 2009-2014 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Hale, Kenneth 2012-2017 professor, art and art history
Hillis, David M.1 2011-2013 professor integrative biology
  Kwallek, Nancy P. 2009-2014 professor, architecture
Prentice, Robert A. 2011-2016 professor, business law
Richburg, John M. 2011-2016 professor, pharmacy
  Roberts, Brian E. 2010-2015 professor, government
  Speck, Lawrence W. 2010-2015 professor, architecture
Wood, Sharon L. 2008-2013 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Jensen, Jody L. 2012-2013 professor, kinesiology and health education
  Davis, Janet M. 2012-2013 associate professor, American studies

One Staff:
  Ellinger, Jeff 2010-2015 technical coordinator, Texas Performing Arts

Three Students:
  Madison, Alex S. 2012-2013 Student Government representative, junior, supply chain management
  Pearlman, Ryan 2012-2013 Student Government representative, sophomore, urban studies
  Lauren Menasco-Davis2 2012-2013 Graduate Student Assembly representative

Administrative Advisors:
  Clubb, Patricia L. ex officio
without vote
vice president for employee and campus services
  Dixon, David R. ex officio
without vote
administrative advisor, UT System, Facilities Planning and Construction
  Rea, David L. ex officio
without vote
associate vice president for campus planning and facilities management


1Replaced Alan K. Cline who resigned from the committee in February 2011.
2Replacement for Joel Simmons who resigned from the committee effective January 28, 2013.