JANUARY 27, 2014


Secretary Dean Neikirk (professor, electrical and computer engineering) presented the Secretary’s Report (D 11174-11187). He stated that since the last meeting new memorial resolution committees were formed for Professor Emeritus Donald Weismann of Art and Art History, Professor Emeritus Edwin Allaire of Philosophy, and Professor Emeritus David Braybrooke of government. Memorial resolutions for Bob Fannin, Michael Charlotte, and Elton Lacey were completed since the last meeting. ¬†Secretary Neikirk thanked the committee members for their contributions in writing those resolutions.

Secretary Neikirk thanked faculty who responded to the request from Chair Hillary Hart (distinguished senior lecturer, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering) for support of President Powers, which resulted in 835 emails of support. Secretary Neikirk also summarized legislation that received final approval from UT System. Approved items included the restructuring of the International Programs and Studies Committee, the Business and Public Policy Undergraduate Certificate, and various changes to the Law School Catalog.

UT System also approved the final nonsubstantiative change in the Threatened Faculty Retrenchment policy from the Handbook of Operating Procedures (2-2230). Secretary Neikirk stated that the policy is important because it relates to both situations of financial exigency and situations regarding abandonment of academic positions or programs and formally acknowledges the faculty’s role in reviewing such changes. The policy acknowledges that the Review Committee, which is appointed by the president, will be composed of at least half faculty members and that the chair of the Faculty Council will always be a member unless there is a conflict of interest.

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