JANUARY 27, 2014


Chair Hillary Hart reported that the UT Systems Faculty Advisory Council (SysFac) adopted a model policy on peer observation of teaching of faculty to be considered for promotions or comprehensive review and urged faculty to review the report. She stated that it does not ask for observer reports to be placed in the faculty member’s file, but rather response from the faculty member being reviewed be placed in the file. Chair Hart expressed her opinion that this would remove the issue of evaluations that might be detrimental to career development and replaces it with more honest and useful evaluations by peers.1

Chair Hart discussed the need for faculty on the Facility Planning for the Twenty-First Century Task Force that will study how space is utilized, and how it could be more effectively utilized, across campus. She urged faculty to contact her if they are interested in participating in this task force. She also urged faculty to stay abreast of information regarding system’s Intellectual Property Policy and the associated Regents’ Rule, and also gave a brief update regarding the travel policy. While UT System was responsible for the current travel policy, Chair Hart extended gratitude to Vice President Patricia Clubb for her efforts to change this policy.

Next, Chair Hart reiterated that faculty members are responsible for informing providers on such sites as CourseHero of any copyright infringement, as faculty are individual owners of their own educational material. However, President Powers and Provost Fenves are working on solutions the University as a whole can provide to aid this problem.

Lastly, Chair Hart introduced the new senior vice provost for faculty affairs, Janet Dukerich, professor of management in the McCombs School of Business. Chair Hart concluded by thanking members of the faculty for their support of President Powers.

1See Appendix A for the adopted model policy on peer observation of teaching of faculty.

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