JANUARY 27, 2014


B. Faculty Rules and Governance Committee Proposal to Change the Voting Rights of the General Faculty in the Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-1010 and 2-1020 (D 11223-11227).

Martha F. Hilley (committee chair and professor, music) stated that this legislation is not being voted on today, but is simply for discussion, and that the revised proposal was drafted by Alan Friedman, a member of the Faculty Rules and Governance Committee.

Professor Hilley mentioned that two mistakes in the proposal needed to be corrected. The first correction is under document number 11224 on the first page of the policy impact statement, under B.1.b., Professor Hilley stated that the fifth sentence, which starts with "B.4." should be changed to "B.5." She also stated that under 11226, the statement that begins with, “The assignment of a faculty member…” should be amended to remove redundancy. The final sentence should now state, “The assignment of a faculty member to an administrative or research post, or other activities approved by the president, shall not jeopardize the voting status of the individual under this provision.”

During the discussion, Secretary Dean Neikirk asked that everyone review this legislation carefully, as the legislation has been in committee for several years now and he hopes that its current form will pass. Secretary Neikirk said the legislation covers two sections. The first involves expanding voting rights for the general faculty and defining the limitations of those voting rights, as faculty do not vote on everything.

Professor Hilley concluded by stating that she has plans to discuss voting rights with the new dean of the medical school as soon as he arrives on campus on March 1, 2014.

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