APRIL 14, 2014


Chair Hart shared news regarding a new wiki that had been developed to address faculty members’ concerns about course materials and intellectual property being uploaded to sites such as Course Hero. She acknowledged the quick response by the president, provost, and Senior Vice Provost Janet Duckerich for providing the tools to assist faculty members in protecting copyrighted materials and in helping students understand that “it’s just not in their code of conduct to upload these materials to these sites.” Dr. Hart then asked Christopher J. Hutto (associate counsel, legal affairs) to give a brief preview of the wiki. Mr. Hutto touched on two areas of the site that he felt would be most helpful to faculty members: copyright protection and information for course syllabi to give notice to students concerning use of copyrighted material. He demonstrated the various links, in particular, one titled Requesting Removal of Infringing Material, which had multiple links to popular sites such as Course Hero, ScribD, and CampusBuddy. He also noted that each web page had a repeated set of links so one would not have to go back and forth between pages.

Professor Maria Wade (anthropology) asked when a faculty member submits a request to remove infringing materials must copies be sent to someone on campus? Mr. Hutto said that would not be necessary. Chair Hart added “It’ll be known that you’re doing this, and actually, if a lot of us will do this then the University will feel it has the imperative to investigate perhaps a little more fully, because this is concerning a lot of us.” Professor William Beckner (mathematics) shared his opinion saying that the site is “tremendous.” He pointed out that some materials on these external sites are students’ notes that have been uploaded, they are not all copyrighted materials.

Dr. Hart thanked Mr. Hutto and then brought to the members’ attention the announcements as listed in section IX. of these minutes.

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