NOVEMBER 18, 2013


Secretary Dean Neikirk (professor, electrical and computer engineering) presented the Secretary’s Report (D 10786-10806). He pointed out that memorial resolution committees had been appointed for Clifford S. Gardner and for Bob M. Fannin, and resolutions had been completed for George B. Thurston, Edward (Ted) Odell, and for Raynor L. Duncombe.

Secretary Neikirk continued by pointing out that twelve proposed revisions to the Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2016 had received final approval, two from fine arts, one from social work, and nine from business.

He thanked Charles Roeckle (deputy to the president) and Patti Ohlendorf (vice president for legal affairs) for facilitating the movement of longstanding legislative items pending the president up to UT System, specifically, the revisions to the threatened retrenchment policy (D 9987-10000). He also mentioned that a meeting to discuss the two grievance procedures currently pending UT System’s approval (D 7825-7835 and D 7836-7844) had been scheduled with UT System’s Vice Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel Dan Sharphorn, UT System’s Managing Attorney Helen Bright, Professor Martha Hilley (music), and Vice President Ohlendorf for December 18, 2013. He was hopeful that issues related to the two pending items could be resolved.

Finally, Secretary Neikirk gave a quick update on the faculty governance plans that were received in the Office of the General Faculty either reaffirming that the policies posted on the Faculty Council’s website were correct or that changes had been made. Jacqueline Angel (professor, public information) questioned why the LBJ School of Public Affairs was not listed. Professor Neikirk explained that the Faculty Council’s request for college and school governance procedures concentrated on undergraduate programs and that since the LBJ School is a graduate program their governance plan was not a focus of his report. However, he encouraged Council members to look at the list of governance plans and to let him know if any colleges or school’s plans were missing.

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