DECEMBER 9, 2013


Chair Hillary Hart asked Provost Fenves to remain at the podium so that he could give the Council an update on the implementation of the University’s version of UTS 180 in our Handbook of Operating Procedures, which is currently pending final approval from UT System. Provost Fenves began by stating that the version submitted to UT System was a significant improvement from the original and that he was expecting its approval. He went on to say that Neal Armstrong (vice provost and professor emeritus, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering) was working with UT System and noted that a real problem had been identified relating to the website being developed for faculty to access for advanced approval and for annual reporting. He explained that the advanced approval portion of the site had a major problem in that it required faculty to declare compensation for all activities, no matter what the conditions were. He said that in the UT Austin UTS 180 model only compensation over $5000 that is deemed a “conflict of interest and has a management plan in effect” would be reported. He said the website being developed had to accommodate fifteen UT System campuses, some of whom wanted to use the level of compensation in the determination of whether there was a conflict of interest. Provost Fenves said his office is working with UT System to either modify the website or have it programmed specifically for UT Austin faculty to reflect our model policy. He added that UT System is also working on training materials for faculty and staff and that his office would be scrutinizing those very closely to make sure they also mirror the actual policy and procedures. He said that he expected the beta test of the website to be published in early 2014 and the rollout of the site in March. Dr. Hart thanked Provost Fenves and said the Council would “standby for updates on the timing.”

Chair Hart then announced and congratulated Professors Lawrence Abraham (associate dean, undergraduate studies, kinesiology and health education) and Patrick Davis (pharmacy) as this year’s recipients of the Civitatis Award.

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