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2013-2014 Annual Report
A3 Faculty Committee on Committees 
  1. Nominated members to the University Academic Calendar Committee to fill mid-term vacancies.
  2. Nominated eight faculty persons to serve the Information Technology Committee (C-13), which recently received final approval to increase its faculty membership to include faculty members serving on college IT committees.
  3. Endorsed the composition and function of Technology Enhanced Education Oversight committee (TEE, C-14).
  4. The committee reviewed nominations by the general faculty for standing committee membership with attention to representation from all colleges and schools and to issues of gender and racial diversity. Identified faculty members were recommended to the president to serve on twenty-one standing committees.
  5. Jill Marshall was selected as chair elect for 2014-15.
The Committee wishes to thank Ms. Debbie Roberts and Ms. Victoria Cervantes for their help in organizing meetings, and for providing information on University regulations, by-laws etc.  We could not have functioned without them.

Seema Agarwala, chair