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2013-2014 Annual Report
B-2 Recreational Sports Committee

General Faculty Standing Committee
Type B: Student Services and Activities

The committee was comprised of the following members:
Thomas W. Dison ex officio, senior associate vice president and director, recreational sports                
Gregory G. Hodges  Recreational Sports Intramural Council Representative, senior, finance
Xiaofen Keating Faculty Council Member, associate professor, curriculum and instruction       
Sarfraz Khurshid Faculty Council Member, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
Kathleen M. Mabley Staff member, director of brand initiatives
Jane E. Moore Staff member, senior administrative associate, legal affairs
Hitoshi Morikawa Faculty Council member, associate professor, biological sciences
Keryn E. Pasch Faculty Council member, associate professor, kinesiology and health education
Glenn A. Peers chair, Faculty Council Appointee, professor, art and art history
David D. Player Student Government Representative, school of law
Deborah L. Roberts Staff member, executive assistant, general faculty and faculty council
Erika V. Salada  Student Government Representative, senior, English
Snehal A. Shingavi  vice chair, General Faculty member, assistant professor, English
Gayle M. Timmerman Faculty Council Member, associate professor, nursing
Barbara H. Williamson Recreational Sports Sport Club Council Representative, senior, geography
Charters S. Wynn  Faculty Council Appointee, associate professor, history

September 4, 2013 – Election of Vice-Chair
Introductions were made and the election for vice chair took place.  Two staff members were nominated or expressed interest in being considered – Dr. Snehal Shengavi, and Dr. Xiaofen Keating.  Votes were cast by ballot and Shengavi was elected vice-chair.   

Committee Overview
Tom Dison, ex officio, provided an overview of Recreational Sports and the role of the Recreational Sports Committee along with a sampling of divisional highlights from 2012-13. The committee watched a PowerPoint presentation, which provided a synopsis of the programs, services and facilities that Recreational Sports offers, as well as a list of its divisional objectives for 2013-14. Packets of divisional publications and related materials were distributed, including a list of divisional highlights for 2012-13.

October 22, 2013 – Membership and Facility Usage Fees
The committee reviewed and supported Recreational Sports’ proposed 2014-15 membership and facility use fee schedules.  RecSports is requesting no changes in membership or towel service fees and a modest increase in monthly locker fees for those opting to purchase on a monthly basis.   A flat 2.33 percent increase in the facility use fee was also proposed. The increase is intended to compensate for escalating maintenance and utility costs and is based on the average Consumer Price Index (CPI) over the past three years.

November 22, 2013 - Updates
This meeting did not achieve a quorum.  No official business was conducted.  

February 11, 2014 – Whitaker Fields Update
Dison gave a PowerPoint presentation that offered the most current information pertaining to the Whitaker Fields and Tennis Complex renovation project, including the project’s history, scope, process and anticipated timeline.  Formal fund-raising efforts for the project have begun, and naming opportunities are being discussed.

March 27, 2014 – Election of Chair/Updates
The meeting did not achieve a quorum, so no official business was conducted. 

The purpose of this meeting was to have been the election of a chair of the 2014-15 academic year.  Glenn Peers announced that he would accept nominations and conduct the ballot vote via email.  Two nominations were received – Xiaofen Keating and Snehal Shingavi.  Snehal Shingavi was elected by majority vote.

April 29, 2014 – Updates and Wrap-up
Miscellaneous Updates
Glenn Peers announced the chair elect for 2014-15, Snehal Shingavi.

Dison provided various miscellaneous updates, including a list of recent and upcoming events, organizational changes, and projects in which RecSports is involved, and thanked the committee for its support and efforts.

Committee Activities/Meeting Topics for the 2014-15
  • Introductions and committee overview
  • Election of vice-chair
  • Review of divisional accomplishments from 2013-14 and goals for upcoming year
  • Recreational Sports' budget updates for 2015-16
  • Membership and Facility Usage Fees for 2015-16
  • Updates and Announcements
  • Special Topics as needed

Glenn Peers, chair