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2013-2014 Annual Report
C-1 Admissions and Registration Committee

The committee met several times throughout the year—fall and spring semesters. Meetings were held in the Belo Center for New Media as well as at the office of Dr. David Laude, senior vice provost for enrollment and graduation management.

The committee was not charged with a directive from the Faculty Council, and thus, the committee worked with the senior vice provost for enrollment and graduation management on issues facing University during the upcoming year.

During the first meeting, the agenda was to discuss any directives by the Faculty Council and to elect a new “chair elect.” Dr. Linda Ferreira-Buckley was voted the “chair elect” for 2014-15. There were no directives afforded by the Council Faculty.

At the second meeting of the year, Dr. Laude presented the committee with a timely issue facing his office. Specifically, we discussed the enrollment of students who have a parent serving in the military. The primary discussion was how to better accommodate military families within the current University policy. A follow-up meeting to discuss this issue was held in November 2013 in Main Building, Room 201. Vice Provost and Director of Admissions Kedra Ishop joined the group to provide further insight regarding the admissions process. At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Laude proposed the Admissions and Registration Committee meet on a regular basis with his office to continue discussions on a range of issues facing UT Austin.

In March 2014 at the final meeting of the year, the committee met in Main Building Room 201. The committee concluded its yearly business (old issues as well as new discussions) with Dr. Laude and made plans to meet this summer or early next fall to establish a closer relationship with the Office of Enrollment and Graduation Management.

Matthew S. Eastin, chair