B-2 Recreational Sports Committee

Chair: Snehal Shingavi
Vice Chair: Gayle Timmerman
Chair Elect: Gayle Timmerman
Minutes (PDF):

To be posted following meetings, if appropriate.

The first meeting will be in GRE 4.128 at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Meeting time:

11:30 a.m. on Friday February 6

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited)
Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited)

Committee's annual reports from previous years:

FUNCTION: To determine policy for the conduct of the intramural programs; to approve and authorize publication of all rules and regulations governing intramural sports; to hear appeals of decisions of the Intramural Sports Council; and to promulgate regulations designating the faculty and staff members and other persons who are entitled to participate in the faculty and staff competitive and recreational programs.

COMPOSITION: Thirteen members appointed by the President, including six voting members of the General Faculty for three-year staggered terms; two members of the University staff for two-year staggered terms; two students, a male and a female, designated by the Councils of Recreational Sports; two other students, a male and a female, designated by Student Government; and one member of the University staff designated by the non-student program and appointed to serve as a member without vote for a one-year term. In addition, every year the Chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms. Each year, the committee shall elect its own Chair and Vice Chair who shall be voting faculty members of the committee. The Director of Recreational Sports shall serve as an administrative advisor without vote.

Members, 2014-15:
  Dingwell, Jonathan B. 2014-2017 associate professor, kinesiology and health education
  Doherty, Brian F. 2014-2017 senior lecturer, English
  Keating, Xiaofen 2013-2015 associate professor, curriculum and instruction
  Khurshid, Sarfraz 2013-2016 associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
  Pasch, Keryn E. 2012-2015 assistant professor, kinesiology and health education
  Shingavi, Snehal A. 2014-2015 assistant professor, English, continuing as chair
  Timmerman, Gayle M. 2013-2016 associate professor, nursing

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Clarke, John R. 2014-2015 professor, art and art history
  Jensen, Jody 2014-2015 professor, kinesiology and health education

Three Staff:
Bunyard, Annjene (AJ) 2014-2016 administrative associate, kinesiology and health education
Mabley, Kathleen M. 2013-2015 Director of Brand Marketing and Creative Services, Office of the President
Moore, Jane E. 2013-2015 senior administrative associate, legal affairs

 *Staff Member (with vote)
**Staff Member appointed from non-student program (without vote)

Four Students:
Stolzberg, Alex G. 2014-2015 Sport Club Council representative
Trevino, Alexandra Marie 2014-2015 Intramural Council representative
Miller, Sarah 2014-2015 Student Government representative
Sterbcow, Eli 2014-2015 Student Government representative

Administrative Advisor:
  Dison, Thomas W. ex officio
without vote
director, recreational sports