C-6 International Programs and Studies Committee

Chair: Cory A. Reed
Chair Elect: Cesar A. Salgado
Minutes (PDF):

To be posted following meetings, if appropriate.

The first meeting will be in MAI 212 at 2:15 p.m. on Monday, September 8, 2014.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited)
Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited)

Committee's annual reports from previous years:

FUNCTION: To advise the Faculty Council and the executive vice president and provost on policies and procedures pertinent to the development, implementation, and operation of international programs at the University and pedagogical and research programs involving overseas study and/or work with internationally oriented agencies.

COMPOSITION: COMPOSITION: Five voting members of the General Faculty for three-year staggered terms and two students. At least one faculty member of the committee shall be a member of a foreign language department. One student member shall be appointed by the President from each of the panels submitted by Student Government and the Senate of College Councils. In addition, every year the Chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms. Each year, the committee shall elect its own Chair and Vice Chair who shall be voting faculty members of the committee. The President, through delegation authority to the Executive Vice President and Provost, shall appoint annually, as administrative advisors without vote, the Vice Provosts for International Programs1 and for Graduate Studies, one person selected from the academic associate deans of the colleges and schools, one person selected from among the directors of UT Austin area studies centers, and one person selected from among the assistants to the UT Austin administration in the area of international programs and related student services.

Members, 2014-15:
  Freeland-Graves, Jeanne 2012-2015 professor, nutritional sciences
  Lara, Fernando 2012-2015 associate professor, architecture
  Oliveri, Guido 2014-2017 senior lecturer, music
  Palmer, Deborah K. 2013-2016 associate professor, curriculum and instruction
  Reed, Cory A. 2013-2016 associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Faculty Council Appointees:
  De Lozanne, Arturo 2014-2015 associate professor, molecular biosciences
  Salgado, Cesar A. 2014-2015 associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Two Students:
  Bhatnagar, Varun 2014-2015 Senate of College Councils representative
  TBD 2014-2015 Student Government representative

Administrative Advisors (without vote):
  Biow, Douglas ex officio
director, academic program
  Ellzey, Janet ex officio
vice provost for international programs

  Flores, Richard ex officio
academic associate deans, liberal arts

  Thompson, Heather A. ex officio
interim director, study abroad
  Langois, Judith H. ex officio
senior vice provost and dean of graduate studies

1 Formly referenced the vice provost for undergraduate studies.