Committee on Undergraduate Degree Program Review (CUDPR)

CUDPR, an ad hoc committee of the General Faculty, consists of representatives of each college, the Provost's Office, the Office of Admissions, Official Publications (OP), the Office of Information Management and Analysis (IMA), the Office of the General Faculty (OGF), and the Educational Policy Committee (EPC).

The vice provost for undergraduate education serves as chair.

CUDPR considers "issues of the educational quality of degrees and also looks at possible implications of degree changes on course demand and graduation rates, impacts on other programs (e.g., service courses), and other such issues.

CUDPR also considers whether the Faculty Council proposal adequately describes the proposed change. If it doesn't, CUDPR clarifies the proposal or returns it to the dean for clarification.

CUDPR meets to consider all proposals submitted to OGF. The representative of each college explains the college's proposals and answers questions; additional college representatives may attend for this purpose.

CUDPR may take any of the following actions:

  • Recommend approval of the proposal as submitted.
  • Recommend approval of the proposal with minor changes (that is, changes that the college's representative can approve without consulting the college).
  • Suggest nonminor changes to the college. In this case, CUDPR returns the proposal to the college for reconsideration. The college may accept the changes, request further changes, or withdraw the proposal. If any further changes that result are substantive, the chair or the college representative presents the updated proposal for reconsideration at the next CUDPR meeting; if they are not substantive, the college representative or the CUDPR chair reports them to OGF.
  • Recommend disapproval of the proposal.

OGF records CUDPR's action, including any changes to the proposal, in the meeting minutes.