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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,    Section I: General Faculty

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A. Authority and General Functions

1. The areas of authority of the General Faculty are listed above. The General Faculty, however, has delegated the detailed exercise of its powers to the Faculty Council (see part III of this Chapter). Of these powers, only the following shall be exercised in the first instance by the General Faculty:
a. Establishment of rules of membership and procedure for itself and for college and school faculties except for the Graduate School. (See Sec. II for rules of the Graduate School.)
b. Choice of its Secretary and its representatives on the Faculty Council.
c. Structure and legislative powers of the Faculty Council.
d. Action on recommendations of Rules Committee.
2. The exercise of all powers is subject to prior action by the Faculty Council and appeal from the Faculty Council to the General Faculty in accordance with the rules and regulations relating to the Council.
3. Questions of jurisdiction arising between the Faculty Council and the General Faculty shall be referred to the Rules Committee for determination.

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