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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,    Section I: General Faculty

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D. Organization

1 The President shall be Chair ex officio of the General Faculty.
2. At its regular meeting in October, the General Faculty shall elect its Secretary, who shall serve for the year beginning on the first day of the following January. One nomination shall be submitted by a special committee appointed by the President in September; other nominations may be submitted from the floor at the meeting of the General Faculty. If the Secretary should cease to be a member of the Faculty Council or should become incapacitated, the Council shall elect a voting member of the General Faculty to serve as Acting Secretary of the General Faculty until the next regular election.
3. The duties of the Secretary shall include the following:
a. Recording the minutes in a form both convenient and permanent, which shall be paged and for which an annual index shall be prepared.
b. Handling of any communications or reports made to the General Faculty when not in formal session. The Secretary shall distribute, record, and list such communications or reports in the order of business.
c. Sending out to the members notices of the meetings to be held with the order of business to be transacted.
d. Bringing promptly to the attention of the persons concerned the actions of the faculty.
e. Providing copies of the minutes for the use of the faculty and for filing in all appropriate University offices. In addition, bound volumes of the minutes shall be placed in the offices of the Secretary of the General Faculty, the President, the Secretary of the UT System Board of Regents, and the Texas Collection of the Barker Texas History Center.
f. Serving as Secretary of the Faculty Council.
g. Conducting all elections which involve balloting by the voting members of the General Faculty.
h. Preparing and distributing in September of every year the annual report of the Secretary of the Faculty Council.
4. The Parliamentarian shall be appointed annually by the President, upon advice of the Faculty Council, and may be reappointed. He or she shall not be a member of the Faculty Council and shall be someone other than the Faculty Council Parliamentarian.

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