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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,    Section I: General Faculty

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E. Legislation

1. Legislation which has been submitted by the Faculty Council to the General Faculty by circularization shall be considered General Faculty legislation if not protested.
2. Legislation may not be initiated by the General Faculty by the circularization procedure.
3. No legislation of the General Faculty, excepting emergency legislation, shall be effective unless and until approved by the Board of Regents. (See Regents' Rules and Regulations, Part One, Ch. IV, Sec. 2.3). Emergency legislation ceases to operate if disapproved by the Board of Regents.
4. The Board of Regents will notify the General Faculty of its actions on faculty legislation, in general giving reasons when disapproving.
5. All actions of the General Faculty which require the approval of the Board of Regents shall be transmitted to the Board by the President and the Chancellor, UT System in the form passed by the General Faculty, together with such recommendations as the President or the Chancellor, UT System may choose to make. At each meeting of the Faculty Council, the Secretary shall report on all actions of the Council or General Faculty transmitted to the Board and the action, if any, of the Board on each. If final action of the Board differs from the General Faculty's recommendations, the President shall communicate these differences to the Faculty Council.

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