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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,    Section I: General Faculty

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F. Rules of Procedure

1. The general principles of parliamentary law set forth in Robert's Rules of Order (current edition) shall govern, except insofar as they may be modified by the faculty. Any such modification, and provisions of order of business and rules of debate, shall be included in the By-Laws of the General Faculty (see Policy Memorandum 1.101).
2. At a regular meeting a quorum shall consist of 5% of the total number of voting members of the General Faculty, and at a called meeting a quorum shall consist of 15% of that number. If a quorum is not present at a regular meeting, business that would otherwise have been conducted in the first instance at that meeting shall be discussed; within 20 days after the meeting, that business, together with the minutes of its discussion, shall be submitted to the General Faculty by mail ballot, and at least two weeks shall be allowed for receipt of the returned ballots. If a quorum is not present to consider action of the Faculty Council that has been protested, the legislation shall be returned to the Faculty Council for action. (See Policy Memorandum 1.301, 5.b(4)(d).)

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