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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,  Section III: Faculty Council

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D. Organization

1. Each year the voting members of the Council shall elect a Chair Elect from the elected faculty members who shall serve in that capacity for one year. At the end of the year the Chair Elect shall become Chair; and the Chair shall become Past Chair; if the Council term of a Chair or Past Chair would otherwise end, said individual shall be an ex officio member of the Council [with normal voting rights] for that year. The Chair shall preside over the Council. The Chair Elect shall serve as Vice Chair if necessary. The Past Chair shall represent the Council at interinstitutional activities and shall advise the Chair and Chair Elect on matters pertaining to Council business. The Chair (or the Chair Elect in the absence of the Chair) shall be a voting member of the Graduate Assembly and shall be a member of its agenda-setting group.    
2. Chair and the Past Chair shall represent UT Austin on the UT System Faculty Advisory Council. For the first election of officers to the Faculty Council only, the Chair shall be elected and serve for one year; the Chair Elect shall be elected at the same time and also serve for one year in that capacity before succeeding as Chair. If either the Chair or the Chair Elect should cease to be a member of the Faculty Council, the Council shall promptly elect a successor. If a Past Chair should cease to be a member of the Council or be unable to serve, the Chair shall designate an elected member of the Council to carry out the duties of the Past Chair.
3. The functions of the Secretary, other than those listed elsewhere, shall be as follows:
a. In relation to the Faculty Council, the Secretary shall send out all notices and communications, prepare the agenda, keep a record of attendance, record proceedings, receive (before presentation) copies of all matters to be presented, and preserve all records of the Council.
b. In relation to the General Faculty and to the college and school faculties, the Secretary shall report recommendations of the Council and refer matters from the Council to the General Faculty or the college or school faculties.
c. In relation to the President, the Secretary shall report actions taken by the Council and requiring approval of the President, the UT System Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or the UT System Board of Regents; certify the list of members elected to the Council.
4. The Parliamentarian of the General Faculty shall be ex officio Parliamentarian of the Council.
5. The Executive Committee of the Faculty Council (a standing committee of the Faculty Council).
a. Composition: The Chair, Chair Elect, and Past Chair of the Faculty Council; the Secretary of the Faculty Council; one Faculty Council member (elected by the voting members of the Faculty Council) from each of the following standing committees: Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets, Educational Policy Committee, and Faculty Welfare Committee; and the Chair (or the Chair Elect in the absence of the Chair) of the Graduate Assembly. Their term of service,1 commencing on the first class day of the fall semester, shall be for one year, with the proviso that some continuity of service from one year to the next is desirable.    
b. Function: To facilitate the work of the Faculty Council and to see that the Council has the benefit of the work done by the standing committees and by the special committees of the Faculty Council; to plan the Council's agenda and other related activities; and to meet at least monthly with the President and his or her designated representatives in order to discuss and advise on educational, institutional, and faculty matters.

1 The incoming chair will plan the September Faculty Council meeting in August before their term officially begins.

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