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Chapter 1: Faculty Governance,  Section IV: Standing Committees

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A. Composition and Function

1. The composition and function of each standing committee shall be established by the Faculty Council and approved by the President within the following categories:
  • Type A: Faculty Affairs (no student members).
  • Type B: Student Services and Activities (substantial student representation, but less than a majority).
  • Type C: Institutional Policy and Governance (at least two student members).
2. Information regarding the composition and function of each standing committee is given in Policy Memoranda 1.501, 1.502, and 1.503.
3. The President, Graduate Assembly, Deans Council, Students' Association, Senate of College Councils,1 and Graduate Student Assembly may refer any matter to an appropriate committee, or to a college or school faculty or administrator, for consideration.

1 Name changed from Cabinet of College Councils.

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