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The following excerpt is from the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of The University System for the Governance of The University of Texas System, Part One, Chapter IV (Faculty Organization):

Sec. 1. Educational Policy.

1.1 The Board of Regents will devote its best efforts to making all of the institutions composing The University of Texas System institutions of the "first class", as the Texas Constitution directs in Article VII, Section 10. The Board of Regents will be guided in general by the best practices of the best universities in the United States state universities.

1.2 The Board of Regents will not, except in extraordinary cases, act on important matters of academic policy until it has received, or requested and obtained, advice thereupon from the institutional faculty or faculties affected or their legislative bodies. When new policies originating in any faculty give rise to serious differences of opinion in that body, the advice and recommended legislation shall, at the request of the minority, be accompanied by a record of the vote and by a summary of the reasons for and against matters proposed.

Sec. 2. Institutional, College, School, and Departmental Faculties and Legislative Bodies.

2.1 General Authority. Subject to the authority of the Board of Regents and subject further to the authority that the Board of Regents has vested in the various administrative officers and subdivisions of The University of Texas System, the faculties of the component institutions regularly offering instruction shall have a major role in the governance of their respective institutions in the following areas:

2.11 General academic policies and welfare.
2.12 Student life and activities.
2.13 Requirements of admission and graduation.
2.14 Honors and scholastic performance generally.
2.15 Approval of candidates for degrees.
2.16 Faculty rules of procedure.

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