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Policy Memorandum 1.301

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Distribution of Seats

Distribution of Seats Among Colleges and Schools. The number of voting members shall determine the number of seats given to a college or school, provided, however, that a college or schoolthat would not be entitled to a seat on the basis of proportional representation, shall, nevertheless, be given one "free" seat. The distribution shall be made in two steps:

a. Ascertain those colleges or schools with fewer voting members than the quotient obtained by dividing 40 into the total number of voting members of the General Faculty. One seat shall then be allotted to each such college or school.
b. Apportion 40 seats among those colleges and schools with enough voting members to receive at least one seat by apportionment. The quota for a seat by apportionment shall be the quotient from dividing 40 into the sum of the number of voting members in such colleges and schools. The number of seats allotted to each such college or school shall be equal to the number of times its faculty is the multiple of the prescribed quota, the undistributed balance of the 40 seats to be allotted to the colleges or schools having the largest remainders.
A reapportionment of the college and school seats shall be made in early spring of even-numbered years. The Secretary of the General Faculty shall make the apportionment applying the method prescribed above.

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