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Policy Memorandum 1.301

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Rules of Procedure

a. A request for a record vote shall be granted only if made by as many as 3 members of the Council.
b. Questions of jurisdiction arising between the Faculty Council and General Faculty shall be referred to the Rules Committee of the General Faculty for determination.
c. Questions of interpretation of rules of procedure shall be determined by the Rules Committee of the General Faculty.
d. The order of business shall be as follows unless the Executive Committee or the Council shall otherwise determine:
1. Report of the Secretary.
2. Approval of Minutes.
3. Communication with the President.
a. Comments by the President.
b. Questions to the President.
Involved questions of major importance and questions the answers to which may require preparation of factual material should be submitted in writing to the Secretary for transmittal to the President at least one week before the date of the meeting at which the questions are to be considered.
4. Report of the Chair.
5 Report of the Chair Elect.
6. Special orders.
7. Petitions.
8. Unfinished business.
9. Reports of the General Faculty, Colleges and Schools, and Committees:
a. General Faculty.
b. College or School Faculties (in chronological order of filing).
c. Standing Committees (in chronological order of filing).
d. Special Committees (in chronological order of filing).
10. New business.
a. Matters presented by the President.
b. Matters presented by the Chair.
c. Matters presented by elected faculty members.
d. Matters presented by administrative members.
e. Matters presented by student members.
f. Matters presented by staff members.
11. Announcements and comments.
12. Announcements and comments.
13. Adjournment.
e. If any parliamentary ruling by the presiding officer is appealed, a majority or tie vote sustains the decision of the Chair.

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