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August, 2012

Dear Friends and Co-Members:,

 As you page eagerly through this newest edition of our yearbook, do take a moment to reflect upon the terrific group it represents.  Many, many guests leave our luncheons commenting on the warmth, the intellect, and the sense of fun which they see in us.  What they do not see, the true soul of the ULC, is the number of life-long relationships developed in our vibrant interest groups and our dogged pursuit of funding to continue support to the ULC Centennial Endowed Presidential Scholarship.  The physical appearance of the UT campus may have changed beyond all recognition, but the collegial, almost familial, environment from the 1940’s and 1950’s still remains, fostered in large part by the members of the ULC.  I am so honored to serve you this year.

Happy 116th Birthday, Ladies!   Hook ’em!

 TJ Campbell