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2005 Feature Story Archive

19 December 2005 - 9 January 2006 Ten to Read Again: Look back at some of the stories that showed the university’s impact in 2005
12 December - 19 December 2005 The Right Exposure: Students develop the first living bacteria photographs
5 December - 12 December 2005 The Serious Business of Toys: Sociologist examines racial, gender and class inequities in retail toy sales
28 November - 5 December 2005 No Average Student: Community college students not your ‘typical’ undergrads, says College of Education survey
21 November - 28 November 2005 You Are What You Eat: Dr. Elizabeth Engelhardt studies how your food choices can carry stories of race, class and culture
14 November - 21 November 2005 Emotion Detectives: Accentuating the positive helps preteen girls beat depression, says researcher
7 November - 14 November 2005 A New Look at Old Hickory: Andrew Jackson biography reveals how first populist president changed the way the nation elects its leaders
31 October - 7 November 2005 Restoring Justice: Mediation programs aim to help victims heal and offenders account for their crimes
24 October - 31 October 2005 Ghost in the Machine: The disembodied voice haunts us daily via mass media technologies, professor says
17 October - 24 October 2005 No Boys Allowed: Friendships among high school girls can promote academic success, researchers find
10 October - 17 October 2005 Super Computing Power: Texas Advanced Computing Center propels new age of scientific discovery
3 October - 10 October 2005 Confronting Sexual Assault: Researchers look beyond statistics to understand root causes of complex social problem
26 September - 3 October 2005 Catching Our Breath: Pollution experts study regional air quality to prompt improvements in the air we share
19 September - 26 September 2005 Spirituality and Society: Professors examine religion’s role in identity, culture and conflict
12 September - 19 September 2005 Archiving Frank Lloyd Wright: Breadth and range of master architect’s work highlighted in comprehensive Storrer Collection
5 September - 12 September 2005 Generation 9/11: Education professor conducts landmark survey of college students’ responses to Sept. 11, 2001
29 August - 5 September 2005 Gone To Texas: Texas-sized welcome marks start of academic year
22 August - 29 August 2005 A Lens on the World: Award-winning photojournalists cover the globe to capture significant events of our lives
15 August - 22 August 2005 Click and Sell: Marketers shift ad dollars and take advantage of Internet’s ability to target potential customers
8 August - 15 August 2005 Do the Math: Numbers play a role in almost everything we encounter in our lives, profs say
1 August - 8 August 2005 Stressed for Time?: People with more money have more options, but are left with little time, economist says
25 July - 1 August 2005 The Hope of Words: New therapies aid stroke survivors who’ve lost the ability to communicate
18 July - 25 July 2005 When the Sky Fell on Texas: Computers measure meteor’s impact that left crater two football fields long 25,000 years ago
11 July - 18 July 2005 Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Researchers help indigenous communities in Ecuador manage their land and protect region’s critical resources
4 July - 11 July 2005 Waves of Relief: From major surgery to treatment of chronic illnesses, volunteers aided more than 9,000 tsunami survivors
27 June - 4 July 2005 Dive In!: Faculty and staff suggest cool books to keep you immersed all summer
20 June - 27 June 2005 More Than a March of Dimes: New fund-raising tactics, intense research rivalry spurred polio cure, historian says
13 June - 20 June 2005 The Ride of Your Life: Theme parks are seamlessly designed to move you, physically and emotionally
6 June - 13 June 2005 On a Deadline: Knight Center works to advance press freedom in Latin America and the Caribbean
30 May - 6 June 2005 Fly Me to the Moon: Space exploration projects inspire engineering students and faculty, in classroom and beyond
23 May - 30 May 2005 The Murderer Next Door: Psychologist explores the circumstances and motives that push people to kill
16 May - 23 May 2005 Inspiring Ambition: Class of 2005 graduates poised to become the thinkers, dreamers and leaders of tomorrow
9 May - 16 May 2005 Body of Work: Two record-setting powerlifters pump up world’s largest physical culture collection
2 May - 9 May 2005 Streets Full of Stories: Film students document richness of East Austin’s diverse and changing communities
25 April - 2 May 2005 Good Night to Sleep Loss: Researchers seek to improve health of those who care for chronically ill people
18 April - 25 April 2005 Giving the Past a Future: Ransom Center conservators repair and preserve artifacts to allow access to unique holdings
11 April - 18 April 2005 Uncommon Vision: Blind student focuses on her goal to become elementary school teacher
4 April - 11 April 2005 Coming Attractions: With 70 performances, student festival showcases new work that may shape the future
28 March - 4 April 2005 Can You Dig It?: Archeologist works to overturn long-held theory of when people first came to the Americas
21 March - 28 March 2005 Being A Man About It: Researcher examines why males underuse mental health services
14 March - 21 March 2005 A Matter of Degrees: More than half of Earth’s wild species already affected by climate change, biologist finds
7 March - 14 March 2005 Water and Peace: LBJ School professor advances diplomacy in the Middle East through environmental policy
28 February - 7 March 2005 The Biggest Open House in Texas: Thousands of Texans of all ages will discover the university’s wonders at Explore UT
21 February - 28 February 2005 What Good Comes of Suffering?: Fellowship for future teachers sparks community crusade against intolerance
14 February - 21 February 2005 Black Business is Her Business: With an eye on the future, researcher traces African American entrepreneurship back before the Civil War
4 February - 14 February 2005 Watergate, On the Record: Woodward and Bernstein papers at Ransom Center document landmark event in investigative journalism
31 January - 4 February 2005 When Choice Consumes: Glut of shopping options can lead to dissatisfaction and regret, say researchers
24 January - 31 January 2005 Breaking the Antibiotic Habit: Overuse may have built bacteria’s resistance to drugs, researchers say
17 January - 24 January 2005 Much More Than Babble: Baby’s first words may be key to ancient origin of spoken language
10 January - 17 January 2005 Writing to Heal: Research shows writing about emotional experiences can have tangible health benefits
3 January - 10 January 2005 A Passion for Justice: Students and faculty at new Law School clinic search to find prisoners who may be innocent

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