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A Lens on the World: Award-winning photojournalists cover the globe to capture significant events of our lives

They’ve documented the civil war in Liberia and elections in India, hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the movement of troops in Iraq. They’ve immersed themselves in the gangs of Los Angeles and the rodeo in Montana. Just this summer, they were scattered across the globe, traveling north of the Arctic Circle and south of the equator.

The faculty and former students of the photojournalism program in the School of Journalism have indeed covered the globe.

Established in 1974 as the fifth accredited program in the country, the photojournalism program has realized its founder J.B. Colson’s vision to “raise the level of the practice and appreciation of photography.” Its former students have been awarded more than a dozen Pulitzer Prizes as well as the World Press Photo of the Year.

In the photo essay that follows, Pulitzer winners and current faculty offer photos that remind us, in their range and compassion, that the world is large and human experience more vast than we can imagine.

Refugee children line up for a meager handout of rice, the only food they receive at the refugee camp where they are staying on the outskirts of Monrovia, Photo by Carolyn Cole
Photo: Carolyn Cole © 2003 Los Angeles Times

STORY BY Vivé Griffith

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