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Opening Credits: From editing to set design, Film Institute's production company gives students key roles bringing 'Elvis and Anabelle' to the big screen

“Elvis and Anabelle” Photo Captions and Credits

1. DVD Intern Molly Green, then a second-year student in Radio-Television-Film, shoots video footage during a beauty pageant scene. Beside her Conrad W. Hall, director of photography, shoots the film in 35 mm. Photo: Lisa Crider.

2. The crew of “Elvis and Anabelle” at work on the UT campus. Photo: Lisa Crider.

3. Camera Apprentice Lisa Kaselak holds the slate. Photo: Lisa Crider.

4. Costume Design Apprentice Stephanie Keeton (holding Polaroid picture). Writer/Director Will Geiger in the foreground. Photo: Felicia Graham.

5. Former UTFI intern Claudia Hollern. Photo: Felicia Graham.

6. Art Department Intern Allison Spain (upper left window), Art Department Intern Stephanie Theanie (upper right window). Photo: Felicia Graham.

7. The crew of “Elvis and Anabelle” on location in Pflugerville. Photo: Felicia Graham.

8. Former UTFI apprentices, now paid crew, Wes Turner and Jeremy Rodgers. Photo: Felicia Graham.

9. Locations Apprentice Paul Knaus. Photo: Felicia Graham.

10. Camera Intern Rick Diaz. Photo: Felicia Graham.

11. DVD Producer and Ph.D. Candidate Bryan Sebok with Austin-based actor Brent Smiga. Photo: Felicia Graham.

12. Set Design Apprentice Josh Crist (right) helps with a truckload of sunflowers. Photo: Felicia Graham.

13. Art Department Intern Sarah Moore. Photo: Lisa Crider.

  Updated 12 March 2007
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