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A Battle on Many Fronts: Researchers wield variety of weapons in race against development, spread of infectious diseases

Infectious Disease Pioneers

Faculty from across campus are developing insights into preventing infectious disease. Some look at the biology of the microbes themselves, while others seek to develop treatments and ways to prevent or slow disease outbreaks. Listed below are many of the faculty tackling these difficult and important problems.

Chandrajit Bajaj
Computer Sciences, Center for Computational Visualization
Uses computer visualization to study viruses and develop drugs

Maria Croyle
Pharmaceutics, Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology (ICMB)
Researches how to use viruses for vaccine applications

Andy Ellington
Chemistry and Biochemistry, ICMB
Develops therapeutic treatments through evolutionary engineering

Gary Geisler
Assembles digital library of germs and viruses that cause infectious diseases

George Georgiou
Chemical Engineering, ICMB
Develops therapeutic antibodies

David Graham
Biochemistry, ICMB
Characterizes new enzymes of chlamydial metabolism

Brent Iverson
Chemistry and Biochemistry, ICMB
Develops therapeutic antibodies

Kenneth Johnson
Chemistry and Biochemistry, ICMB
Studies HIV, AIDS, and drug development for Hepatitis C

Sean M. Kerwin
Medicinal Chemistry, ICMB
Studies selective strategies for treating cancer and infectious diseases

Mary Jo Kirisits
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Studies how to make biological treatment processes for microbes

Robert Krug
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Studies how flu virus works and wil be using that information to develop drugs

Jennifer Maynard
Chemical Engineering
Develops innovative approaches that lead to rational protein design, particularly to address pertussis (whooping cough)

Richard Meyer
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Studies the DNA exchange in bacteria that contributes to antibiotic resistance

Lauren Ancel Meyers
Integrative Biology, ICMB
Models the way infectious diseases spread to better develop preventative measures

Shelley Payne
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Studies virulence in the bacteria that cause cholera and shigellosis

Krishnendu Roy
Biomedical Engineering, ICMB
Uses engineering techniques and gene therapy to improve the immune systems’ ability to fight diseases

Chris Sullivan
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Focuses on understanding the interaction of viruses with the RNAi machinery in mammalian cells

Paul Szaniszlo
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Seeks insights into fungi that might lead to improved treatments for fungal infections

Marvin Whiteley
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, ICMB
Studies bacterial infections associated with cystic fibrosis

Claus Wilke
Integrative Biology, ICMB
Studies how viruses evolve

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