Public higher education in Texas, and at UT, is still a great value. Our tuition is eighth among our 12-member national comparison group. The average amount of student debt is relatively low, and we continue to be listed as a good value by Kiplinger's and other publications.

—William Powers Jr.

Your College Budget

Your operating budget for college will be on a smaller scale than that of The University of Texas at Austin, but it’s no less important.

As you’re planning your budget for attending the university, consult these offices and resources for information and guidance on tuition fees, tuition payment, financial aid, scholarships and more.

Tuition Dollars & Sense

Tuition and state appropriations combine to pay for the core operational costs of The University of Texas at Austin, one of the world’s great research universities. Tuition plays an integral part in the university’s mission by helping it hire more faculty to maintain reasonable class sizes, retain faculty and support staff through merit pay increases and expand existing academic programs and initiate new ones.

Explore the tuition information section of this Budget 101 Web site:

  1. How Tuition Is Set: Learn about the two committees that make tuition recommendations to the president.

  2. Tuition Costs: Learn about tuition rates for the current academic year, as well as tuition rebates, historical tuition costs, the cost of tuition nationally and more.

  3. How Tuition Is Used: Learn where your tuition dollars go.

Read the Office of the President's 2009 Report on Tuition (PDF, download Adobe Reader).

Summer Enhancement Program

The Provost's Office debuted a program to expand and improve course offerings at The University of Texas at Austin for summer 2011.

Learn more about the Summer Enhancement Program.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Information

Graduate Student Resources

Tuition Payment Information

More Resources