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Dr. Glenn Peers


Art History: Early Medieval and Byzantine Art

Glenn Peers

Peers earned his Ph.D. in the History of Art from The Johns Hopkins University, and, while on leave in 2000–01, he earned a Licentiate in Medieval Studies from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in the University of Toronto.

His work, Subtle Bodies: Representing Angels in Byzantium (2001), was published by The University of California Press, and his examination of frames and framing in Byzantine art, Sacred Shock: Framing Visual Experience in Byzantium, was published by Penn State University Press in 2004. Current projects include art and identity amongst Christians of the medieval eastern Mediterranean, philhellenism in Renaissance France, and Byzantine manuscripts, like the eleventh-century Psalter, Vat. gr. 752 (with Barbara Crostini) and the extraordinarily diverse cultures of the pocket empire at Trebizond in the late Middle Ages.

Peers is working on an exhibition on Byzantine materialism at the Menil Collection, Houston, for summer 2013. He has organized an exhibition, Under Gods, for the fall of 2012 of the work of the British photographer Liz Hingley at the Visual Arts Center.

During the 2007–08 academic year, he was a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and during the 2011–12 academic year, he was a Whitehead Professor at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.