Department of Art and Art History Special Programs

Art Education Lecture Series

Spring 2015

The Life and Legacy of Bob Ross: Art Theory, Art Education, and Artistic Presence

Wednesday, February 25, 5pm
Art Building, Room 1.110

headshot of Doug Blandy

Doug Blandy

Blandy is a Professor in the Arts and Administration Program and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the  University of Oregon. His research and teaching addresses art educational experiences in community based settings that meet the needs of all students within a life long learning context. Professor Blandy's research has been published in Studies in Art Education, Art Education, the Journal of Multicultural and Cross- Cultural Research in Art Education, Visual Arts Research, and the Visual Sociology Review among other journals. Along with Kristin Congdon and Danny Coeyman, he authored Happy Clouds, Happy Trees: The Bob Ross Phenomenon. With Paul Bolin he co-edited Matter Matters: Art Education and Material Culture Studies. Bolin and Blandy are also the co-authors of the forthcoming Material Culture in Art Education. Professor Blandy is co-principal investigator of ChinaVine, an interactive website and open archive with a mission to interpret China’s cultural heritage.

Blandy presents a lecture entitled Captivating an Audience: Bob Ross and the Media  Bob Ross understood the power of image and personality in promoting joy through painting. Doug Blandy will discuss what is known about Bob Ross’ life and some of the ways in which Bob Ross’ image and personality is conveyed in the media.

headshot of Kristin G. Congdon

Kristin G. Congdon

Congdon is Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Central Florida. Before becoming a university professor, she taught art in a variety of settings, including public schools, correctional settings, treatment facilities, and museums. She has published extensively on folk art, community art, multi-cultural art education, and feminism in an effort to celebrate artists who have had little visibility in the art world. Her authored or co-authored books include, Happy Clouds, Happy Trees: The Bob Ross Phenomenon (2014), American Folk Art: A Regional Reference (2012), Just Above the Water: Florida Folk Art (2006), and Community Art in Action (2004). She has also been senior editor of Studies in Art Education and The Journal for Research in Art Education and is a principal co-investigator of ChinaVine, an interdisciplinary project that documents China’s cultural heritage.

Congdon presents a lecture entitled Musings on Bob Ross and How We Think About Art. Congdon will discuss Bob Ross’ popular appeal, as his legacy invites us to diversify our thinking about contemporary art and artistic practices. By comparing his work to other artists, she will explain why people respond so passionately to Bob Ross whose paintings (mostly) lack merit.

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