Department of Art and Art History Graduate Admissions

Plan a Campus Visit

Visits or phone conversations with the Graduate Advisor, Graduate Coordinator, and/or any faculty members are not admission interviews. Any such tours and conversations will familiarize prospective students with our facilities and the mechanics of the program, but are not part of the admission decision process.

Fall Semester Guided Tours

(Prospective Students Only)

Prospective students may arrange in advance an on-campus visit with the Graduate Advisor and selected Studio Art faculty members at three officially scheduled times during the fall semester:

  • Monday, October 14, 2013
  • Monday, October 28, 2013
  • Monday, November 11, 2013

All tours last from mid-morning to late afternoon.

To reserve your spot, visit the online registration page at least two weeks in advance of one of those dates. Appointment time(s) for your Monday visit will be confirmed by email shortly before your arrival.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend one of these visit days.

If none of those dates are possible, students may request an appointment first with the Graduate Advisor, Amy Hauft. Professor Hauft may be available to meet with prospective students from Sept 1 to the end of November on Mondays and Fridays, only. If that cannot be scheduled, an appointment with the Graduate Coordinator.

Amy Hauft, Studio Art Graduate Advisor

kt shorb, Studio Art Graduate Cooridnator
Available September – December & May – July, M – W + F, 9am – 4pm
Office: Art Building, Room 3.330 (3rd Floor)

Exceptions to shorb's availability: No appointments will be made on dates when the university is closed for break or holidays.

Meetings with the Graduate Advisor or Graduate Coordinator will NOT include a tour, will last about half an hour, and will be solely for the purpose of answering questions not otherwise answered on this website. Please, no drop-ins.

Self-Guided Tours

You may take a self-guided tour of the Art Building at any time during regular business hours, Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm, when the University is open.

Self-Guided Tour Map