Department of Art and Art History Undergraduate Admissions

Change/Addition of Major

Application Deadline - March 1*
(fall enrollment)

Application Deadline - November 11*
(spring enrollment)

*Only current majors already in the Dept. of Art + Art History may apply to Studio Art, Art History or Visual Art Studies for spring enrollment. Design only considers applicants for fall enrollment. 

*Internal, UT change or add major applicants outside of the department apply only in the spring for potential fall enrollment.  

Things to know

Application review and admission to all degree programs is highly competitive and selective.

Students should email the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for Art + Art History, Elana Logsdon to make an appointment to discuss intent to change major or add a simultaneous major before starting an application.  Please include your EID in all emails or phone messages.

Elana is unable to see prospective change of majors during the first 12 class days.  

Prospective change of majors applying in Spring 2015 may consider making an appointment during the following dates Mon. - Fri. 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00.

  • Feb. 9 - Feb. 27, 2015

Prospective change of majors applying in Spring 2016 may consider making an appointment during the following dates Mon. - Fri. 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-5:00.

  • Mar. 9 - April 3, 2015
  • May 4 - June 5, 2015 

Currently enrolled students should reference the Registrar's General Information Catalog for procedures and conditions for transferring from one division to another within the university.  It states: "Students may not transfer to another college or school after they have completed sixty semester hours of coursework in residence. A student who wishes to seek an exception to this rule should petition the dean's office of the college into which he or she would like to transfer. Approval of the petition will take into account the student's ability to graduate within four years of entering the University."

Only if your application receives a strong review after the submission deadline, but you have completed more than 60 hours at UT, then you will be notified by the Undergraduate Advisor requesting that you complete a petition form that would need departmental and college approval.  

Applicants must be approved for admission by the department's Undergraduate Admissions Committee. Meeting minimum academic requirements, submitting all application materials by the deadline and completion of Art and Art History foundation courses does not guarantee eligibility or acceptance to a specific major of the department. 

Developing back up plans for other majors you might be able to pursue is an important step that you are strongly advised to consider when applying to this department.  Use resources such as the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling, Wayfinder to know what major might be right for you.  

Simultaneous (dual degree) major applicants may be approved for simultaneous major after having completed 30 hours college credit. These 30 hours cannot include AP, IB, credit-by-exam, dual or transfer credit. Current UT Austin students may complete the department's application for simultaneous major with courses in progress to meet the 30 hour requirement but must complete these hours prior to the fall semester for which they are applying. Application decisions will be communicated only after students have met the university's 30 hour requirement. 

The Admissions Committee gives preference to applicants with a 3.0 UT GPA and who can demonstrate a timely pathway to degree completion.

The maximum number of times a student may apply to the Department of Art + Art History is twice.  

Application Instructions

You must submit all the following items via Slideroom.

  1. Create a SlideRoom account.
  2. Choose your mode of admission (UT Change/Add Major) and program (BA Studio Art, BFA Studio Art, BFA Design, BFA Visual Art Studies).
  3. Submit a Resume.
  4. Complete all general questions and your statement of intent*.
  5. Submit an art portfolio (Studio Art, Design, Visual Art Studies applicants) or writing sample (Art History applicants).

Statement of Intent:
Please provide a Statement of Educational Intent with regards to the personal and professional goals you have for the area in which you propose to study. Why do you want to add/change your major at UT?

Art History Writing Sample for BA ARH applicants:
The writing sample must be a photocopy of a substantial paper (involving documented research and demonstrating critical analysis) produced in a college-level course, preferably at UT Austin. The writing sample must have a cover sheet that states: Your Name, Paper Title, Course Number and Course Name, Instructor Name, Semester and Date Written.

If you need assistance contact the SlideRoom help desk.

Portfolio Instructions

Our programs are structured to introduce you to a variety of media and ideas. Your portfolio should reflect a willingness to experiment with process and format. In your portfolio, we want to see a diverse range of interests explored in a variety of media (Drawing and other 2D media, 3D, Digital, Time-Based Media, etc.). Submit a total of 16 images showcasing your strongest works from the last two years. Your portfolio should include 4-5 examples of observational drawing.

Portfolio review events are available for students to attend. More information and registration can be found here.


Students will be notified in an email via Secure Academic Note (SAN) of their application results, generally four to six weeks after final spring semester hours and grades have been reported.

Students who are accepted into the program must participate in mandatory departmental academic advising. Should you be accepted into the Department, you will be given specific information about the major changing process, academic advising and registration procedures in your acceptance SAN. Please do not contact the department about the status of your application; the department will contact you when decisions have been made.

Students whose admission is declined will not be given details as to why they were not admitted.  Once admission decisions have been made, applications are not reviewed a second time.   If you are not admitted but still want to connect with our Department, we welcome you to join one of our student organizations, or register for our non-major classes.  You are also encouraged to attend our numerous events as listed on the Calendar

Transfer Courses

Current students applying to change or add major are encouraged to pursue ARH courses at UT Austin or ART courses at community colleges that correspond to the Foundations Program for the degree they are considering. ART foundation courses at UT Austin are not open to non majors or prospective change of majors.

If you are a current UT student outside of the department and are applying to change your major to BFA Design, it is highly recommended that you complete as many ART foundation courses as possible before the fall semester in which you would be potentially admitted.  Our BFA Design degree is a three year sequence of courses (after completion of the four ART foundations) that cannot be shortened. 

To learn how courses taken at other Texas colleges will transfer to UT Austin, consult the Office of Admissions' Automated Transfer Equivalency System.

Foundations coursework for BA / BFA Studio Art, BFA Design, and BFA Visual Art Studies + Art Education

  • ARH 302 – Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art
  • ARH 304 – Issues in Visual Culture (ARH 301-Introduction to the Visual Arts or ARH 303 - Survey Renaissance to Modern may be substituted for ARH 304) 
  • ART 303K – Drawing Foundations
  • ART 304K – Two-Dimensional Foundations (2-D Design)
  • ART 303L – Digital Foundations
  • ART 304L – Three-Dimensional Foundations (3-D Design)

Foundations coursework for BA Art History

  • ARH 302 – Survey of Ancient through Medieval Art
  • ARH 304 – Issues in Visual Culture (ARH 301-Introduction to the Visual Arts or ARH 303 - Survey Renaissance to Modern may be substituted for ARH 304)
  • ART 303K – Drawing Foundations