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Kimbell Foundation grant supports Art History pilot course, Seminars on Site, in Fall 2015

Thu. March 26, 2015

image of Rome at dusk with buildings and landscape blurring into darkness
Image courtesy of Penelope Davies

The Department of Art and Art History received a grant from the Kimbell Foundation that will enable the first course offering of Seminars on Site.

“To our knowledge, the proposed seminar would be unique among art history programs nationwide,” remarked Dr. Penelope Davies, assistant chair of Art History. “This seminar will enhance the reputation of the Department of Art and Art History and increase the department’s appeal for prospective students.”

The pilot seminar, entitled Architecture and Decoration in Pre-modern Rome: Patronage, Politics, and the Past, will be offered to graduate Art History students in the Fall semester in 2015. Taught by Dr. Penelope Davies and Dr. Joan Holladay, the seminar will travel to Rome.

Each iteration of the seminar will be co-taught by two members of the Art History faculty, drawn from different areas of specialization, and will address a theme that is pertinent to both areas of expertise. During the course of the semester, seminar participants will make two class trips: one to the Kimbell Art Museum to study its collections and view objects that are central to the themes highlighted in the course, and the other will last one week to ten days and will target a destination, usually abroad, that is pertinent to one of the areas covered in the class.

This seminar will create a formal structure that encourages exchange between students and faculty of diverse areas and builds bridges between them, precisely as disciplines are growing increasingly balkanized throughout academia. Students will learn from one another, from their faculty, and also from observing the interplay between the faculty members.

Dr. Jeffrey Chipps Smith lectures at Washington College

Tue. March 17, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Dr. Jeffrey Chipps Smith presents a lecture entitled Dürer on the Museum at the Washington College on March 19, 2015.

Black Artists in British Art by Dr. Eddie Chambers cited in Africa is a Country

Tue. March 17, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Writer Serubiri Moses cites Black Artists in British Art, by Dr. Eddie Chambers, in an article entitled Which Art History in Africa?

Dr. Penelope Davies speaks at Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference

Tue. March 17, 2015

white overlapping hexagonal and cube shapes on green background

Dr. Penelope Davies presents a lecture entitled A Republican Dilemma: City or State? at the 2015 Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference. Davies will present the lecture at the University of Leicester on March 28, 2015 at 2:30 pm.

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