Dean's Office Staff

All staff listed alphabetically by last name.
Name: Title: Email: Phone: Office:
Michael Arbore Software Developer / Analyst 512-471-3677 DFA 3.218
Cecilia Arias-Boze Finance Manager 512-471-6312 DFA 2.4
Nisa Barger Assistant Director, Landmarks Public Art Program 512-232-5905 PAC 3.204
Juliet Beletic Development Associate 512-471-6977 DFA 2.4
Lauren Benson Administrative Associate for Human Resources 512-471-0629 DFA 2.4
Steven Blackwell Human Resources Manager 512-475-7028 DFA 2.4
Andree Bober Director, Landmarks Public Art Program 512-495-4315 PAC 3.204
Arthur Bosco Helpdesk Representative 512-475-7113 DFA 2.4
Christina Burke Corporate Relations Coordinator 512-475-7035 DFA 2.4
Andrew Dell'Antonio Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies 512-232-8209 DFA 2.4
Douglas Dempster Dean 512-471-9601 DFA 2.4
Alicia Dietrich Director of Public Affairs 512-475-7033 DFA 2.4
Marie Du Mond Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs 512-475-7032 DFA 1.103
Leah Galuban Administrative Assistant for Career Services 512-232-2461 DFA 1.103J
Roland Garcia Academic Advising Coordinator 512-471-5011 DFA 1.103
Ricardo Gonzalez Senior Administrative Associate 512-471-5081 DFA 2.4
Mimi Govea Senior Administrative Associate for Business Affairs 512-475-7020 DFA 2.4
Edward Habib Classroom Technology Coordinator 512-471-1388 DFA 3.218
Michelle Harris Administrative Associate for the Dean 512-475-7038 DFA 2.4
Steven Hendrickson Computer Lab Coordinator 512-471-6309 DFA 3.218
Joseph Hendrix Help Desk Representative 512-232-9162 DFA 2.4
Kristi Johnson Administrative Associate for Landmarks 512-232-5906 PAC 3.204
Bradley Johnston Information Technology Director 512-232-2228 DFA 3.218
Cathy Kothlow Assistant Dean for Business Affairs 512-471-3930 DFA 2.4
Jed Lawnsby Computer Lab Coordinator 512-475-6117 ART 1.206A
Karoline Liu Director of Recruitment and Admissions 512-471-0265 DFA 1.110
Elana Logsdon Academic Advisor for Art and Art History 512-475-7718 ART 3.340
Sondra Lomax Assistant Dean for Development 512-471-6468 DFA 2.4
Jennalie Lyons Development Specialist, Landmarks Public Art Program 512-495-4315 PAC 3.204
Hunter March Associate Dean for Arts Education 512-232-2823 DFA 2.4
Rachel Martin Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 512-471-5011 DFA 1.103
Diana Mendoza Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Art and Art History 512-475-8757 ART 1.216
Michael Montague Assistant to the Dean 512-232-4629 DFA 2.4
Chris Montes Assistant Academic Advisor
Kevin Newcomb Media Support Specialist 512-232-5305 DFA 2.4
Nick Nobel Public Relations Coordinator, Landmarks Public Art Program 512-232-5904 PAC 3.204
Ann Paterra Senior Coordinator of Career Services 512-232-7333 DFA 1.103
Bruce Pennycook Director, Center for Arts and Entertainment Technology 512-471-0916 DFA 2.4
Stephen Portch Web Consultant 512-471-3694 DFA 3.218
Amy Ramirez Accounting Technician 512-471-6313 DFA 2.422
Natalie Schuessler Development Specialist 512-475-7026 DFA 2.4
Sophia Sherman Student Development Specialist 512-232-6047 DFA 1.103H
Sarah Snow Webmaster 512-232-2576 DFA 3.218
Thomas Speer Senior Software Developer/Analyst 512-471-0656 DFA 3.214
Rose Thayer Public Affairs Specialist 512-232-8167 DFA 2.4
Kelly Thurmond Administrative Associate for Scholarships and Fellowships 512-471-3570 DFA 2.402A
Thomas Waggoner Director, Fine Arts Education Program 512-471-5446 DFA 1.204B
Cameron Weed Administrative Associate for Game Development 512-475-6602
Catherine Whited Senior Degree Auditor 512-475-7034 DFA 1.103
Holly Williams Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Accreditation 512-471-5793 DFA 2.407
Lily Wolff Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator - Theatre and Dance 512-232-2741 WIN 1.142A
Misa Yamamoto Visual Designer 512-471-3277 DFA 3.218
Rose Yurcina Academic Advisor for Butler School of Music 512-471-6501 MRH 3.836F
Catherine Zinser Education Coordinator, Landmarks Public Art Program 512-475-9127 PAC 3.204
Mark-Anthony Zuniga Academic Advisor for Theatre and Dance 512-232-5308 WIN 1.118