Advisory Council Survey Winter 2014


College of Fine Arts Advisory Council Survey 

Please print and return to by mail, scan/email or fax

Jessi Propst

 College of Fine Arts • 2305 Trinity Street, STOP D1400 • Austin, TX 78712



1. Why did you join the COFA AC?




2. Were the responsibilities and expectations explained clearly to you before you accepted?




3. How have your arts interests changed since joining the Advisory Council?




4. Do you serve on other boards/advisory councils?




5. How do the responsibilities/expectations of that board/advisory council service differ from Fine Arts?  





6. From which boards/advisory councils do you derive the most personal satisfaction? Why?





7. The COFA AC dues:

     ___ Too High

     ___ Too low

     ___ Just right


8. How do the COFA AC dues compare to other boards/advisory councils you serve on?




9. In your opinion, what are the most beneficial portions of COFA AC meetings?





10. What would you like to hear more about at COFA AC meetings?




11. Do you have suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of the COFA AC? How could COFA enhance your involvement/satisfaction?





12. In which area of the Advisory Council are you most interested?


___ Advocacy


___ Fundraising


___ Student Recruitment



13. Are there specific assignments you are eager to undertake on behalf of COFA?




14. Can you suggest others who might be interested in supporting COFA? Who?




15. Please share additional comments below.