Session Overview and Description


The Arts and Digital Literacy initiative, which focuses on integrating fine arts education and technology, was established as a result of a legislative appropriation to the Texas Cultural Trust and is a collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) College of Fine Arts. Art and Media Communications is a project-based visual arts curriculum for high school students that develops the link between traditional arts education and digital media. Art and Media Communications is a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved innovative course that may serve as elective credit toward high school graduation and is designed to prepare students for post-secondary study in creative disciplines and for work in creative industries using technology as a primary tool. Furthermore, the Art and Media Communications innovative course has been added to the draft of the revised Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Art.  If/when approved by the State Board of Education, Art and Media Communications will become a Fine Arts TEKS-based course that may serve as fine arts credit for high school graduation.  Digital literacy is the future of communication and commerce and creates learning experiences that develop students' capacities for critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation.

TEA Course Description

Art and Media Communications combines rigorous and relevant experiential study of modern, post-modern, and contemporary visual art and design with student learning in media literacy and technology applications. Creation and analysis of student artworks will be balanced with explorations into contemporary practices across the visual and commercial arts fields. Students will learn how to bridge traditional hand skills with current technology applications to create new media such as animations, digital images, multimedia presentation, digital video, websites, and interactive or site-based installations and performances. Student work will culminate in a capstone project that investigates an issue relevant to the student and uses art, design, and visual communications to address a problem within the community or effect a change. This project will afford students an opportunity to learn and practice creative research skills, develop a narrative, engage an audience, and connect an online community to their project.

Professional Development Session Description

Are you a computer wizard or completely techno-phobic? No matter what your expertise and level of comfort is with technology, this three-day professional development session offers something for everyone. Art teachers will:

  • Construct personalized digital stories by utilizing a variety of technological tools such as ipads, phones, camcorders, and computers.
  • Gain tips on how to adapt the new, innovative elective Art and Media Communication course to both low tech and high tech environments.
  • Learn how to engage their students through the most current art education curricular ideas and resources.
  • Tap into the university's vast resources, such as The Blanton Museum, The Harry Ransom Center, etc. to learn how to utilize resources in your backyard.
  • Connect with other art teachers who are excited about combining technology and art in their classrooms.

Session sizes are limited so that each participant will have personalized attention and assistance. Do not miss out on this great opportunity! Sign up today!

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