Professional Development Courses

Looking for an academic class to help you explore career options or to receive credit for an internship? 

Hoping to get more out of your degree by pursuing interdisciplinary studies? 

The College of Fine Arts offers fine arts courses to help you with these goals each semester.  The university also offers undergraduate certificates and graduate portfolio programs in areas of particular interest to fine arts students.  Be sure to check the course listings in your own department for more specialized class options!

Fine Arts Professional Development Courses

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Courses

F A 340 Fine Arts Internship
T 12:30-2, lecture and discussion
T 6-7:30, lab
Unique Number 20170
Instructor: Ann Paterra
Prerequisites: Upper-division standing, a university grade point average of at least 2.50, and consent of instructor
Restricted to College of Fine Arts students.

May be counted toward the writing flag requirement.

Students enrolled in Fine Arts Internship will be able to:
• Integrate academic experiences with the practical experience of the internship.
• Improve writing and research skills, particularly as they relate to career planning.
• Demonstrate professional competencies including professional writing and speaking skills and specific skills related to your internship’s learning goals.
• Gain a greater understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to careers and be able to communicate those strengths to others.
• Increase knowledge of how arts opportunities exist in the workplace, across industries and sectors.

Course Syllabus.pfd (122.04KB)

F A 310 Arts Integrations for Multidisciplines

F A 350 Managing Performing Arts Organizations

F A 360 History & Future of Symphony Orchestras

F A 360 Interactive Media & Game Development

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