Theatre Links

Artist Support

These organizations offer information on grants, health/liability insurance, professional development, rehearsal and performance venues, studio space, legal and accounting services, and job opportunities, as well as providing places to post events.

Job Listings

These sites offer targeted job listings in your field.  For additional arts-specific and general job search tools and subscription listings available to currently enrolled fine arts undergraduate and graduate students, please visit the Find a Job or Internship page.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are a way to build a network in your chosen career, often hosting events, offering continuing education opportunities, and sharing other resources of interest.  Membership is usually required for full access, but many organizations offer student rates.

Arts Agencies

UT Fine Arts Library Resources

The UT Fine Arts Library has area-specific online resources that include research advice, databases, electronic journals, and links, as well as a complete list of fine arts periodicals available to browse at the library.